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  • Gianna

    21 sierpnia 2013 at 06:55

    There can’t be 2 winners. Monster sofldiiied an agreement that got Beats Electronic devices alive and shipping headsets, but not without enormous forfeit: Jimmy and Dre’s facet of Beats would preserve permanent ownership of what Monster developed. Every headphone, every headband, every cup, every driver, every remote control-if there was an item of metal or plastic regarding Beats By Dre, Noel and Kevin Shelter surrendered it to Jimmy along with Dre. Monster would also be entirely responsible for manufacturing the products-a hugely expensive corner from the deal-as well as releasing them. The heavy lifting. I was a very little intimidated by Dr. Dre, Kevin Lee admits more than a child-sized portion of rooster noodle soup. Noel sits beside him without a word.

  • Janek

    7 czerwca 2017 at 04:57

    O, nareszcie coś ciekawego, dzięki !

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